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Reliance Jio Recharge Offers List of best Jio 4G plans validity

Jio needs no introduction, it was launched in 2016. After its launch, the whole of India became digital. Mukesh Ambani brought Jio to the market, and for the first six months, he gave the users free calling as well as free internet benefits. After that, he made some of the plans and incorporated it. Jio became immensely popular, especially for the youngsters.http://jio data booster
Reliance Jio gives his users the best plan. The Jio users are very happy with the Jio Plans. Especially in this pandemic situation, they offered new plans, so that everyone can work from home. Jio gives the best offer of 84 days plans. Research shows that almost 70% of Jio users use this plan. Let us study the list of the best 4G plans and their validity. The best 4G plans for Jio’s new plans are as follows.
  1. Rs. 199 4G Jio Recharge plan.
  2. Rs. 399 4G Jio Recharge plan.
  3. Rs. 555 4G Jio Recharge plan.
  4. Rs. 2121 4G Jio Recharge plan.
We will study the detailed features of the plans, then let your heart decide, which one is the best and suitable for you.
Rupees 199 Prepaid 4G Recharge Plan Details
It is the lowest plan for Jio. It offers 1.5 GB of data and costs Rs. 199 only. It has a validity of 28 days. Other than that it offers 1000 minutes from Jio to non-jio and unlimited free calling to jio numbers. Other than that, it also gives 100 SMS per day. Those who use Jio TV can use free access to Jio movies, Jio Savan, etc.
Rupees 399 Prepaid 4G Recharge Plan Details
The second best Jio recharge plan is Rs 399. It offers a daily high-speed data of 1.5 GB with a validity of 56 days. So, the total benefit is 84 GB. After you exhaust your 1.5 GB, then the speed is reduced to 64kbps. It gives you 2000 minutes from Jio to others and free calling to Jio numbers. You will also get the benefit of 100 SMS per day. The Jio users who are having Jio TV can access the Jio Movies, Jio Music, etc.
Rupees 555 Prepaid 4G Recharge Plan Details
The third and the most popular Prepaid 4G Plan is Rs. 555. The validity is 84 days. You can enjoy the total benefit of 126 GB. After you exhaust the total data of 1.5 GB, the speed will slow down to 64 kbps. Other than that, just like other plans, you can enjoy 100 SMS daily. The plan offers 3000 minutes calling facilities to non-Jio users, and Jio to Jio calling is free. It offers cloud storage, video streaming and music streaming, etc. You can also enjoy news, movies, cartoons, etc.
Rupees 2121 Prepaid 4G Recharge Plan Details
This is the most expensive priced recharge plan of Jio. Jio recharge offers a validity of 336 days. You can enjoy a total of 504 GB in the entire plan. Moreover, you will enjoy 100 SMS per day. There are unlimited calls to Jio to Jio number. You will also enjoy 12,000 minutes of voice calls to non-jio numbers. Just like other plans, here also you will get to enjoy the Jio Movies, where you can enjoy various movies, shows, cartoons, news, etc.
These are the best 4G plans for Jio. Though Jio has also some of the other plans, people use these plans mainly. These are the best four plans that mainly people recharge.
Rupees 199 plan: It is the plan, which is used mainly by elderly people. They don’t use much internet connection, so for them, Jio brings this plan to market. It is a low priced plan so that not only the elderly people can access it, but also the poor people can also recharge it.
Rupees 399 plan: It is also a nice plan, and it is mainly used by the students. The internet speed is good, so the students can surf the internet. Moreover, the validity is 56 days, so one can relax for at least two months after recharging it.
Rupees 599 plan: It is the best plan and we already said before that people like to use this plan mostly. The best part of the plan is that it is offering 3000 minutes to non-jio calls. Other than that, just like other plans, here also you can access the Jio savan, Jio movies, etc. Moreover, you can remain relaxed for at least three months, after recharging it.
Rupees 2121 plan:
The rupees 2121 plan is mainly used by those users who want to remain free for one year. The validity is 336 days, which means almost one year. Other than that, it also offers 12,000 minutes to other non-jio calls like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, etc.
We can’t imagine our lives without Jio. The Jio users are very happy upon using all the plans. When Jio was first launched, it gave the users free access to the users for the last six months. In 2019 October, Jio made a plan to give 6 paise per minute for calling other users. Later on, they withdrew it and started giving free minutes for calling non-Jio numbers.
We have given all the details of Jio recharge offers if you are a non-jio user, then upgrade yourself with the Jio recharge.

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