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Jio phone users are now going to get the offer of Buy-One-Get-One Recharge offer. Jio foundation is offering a Buy-One-Get-Plan to all the jio phone users in the country during this pandemic.

To keep connected with all the people to their loved ones in the county, Jio has announced this offer.


Reliance has announced two special plan offer for their user.

  1. 300 free minutes for outgoing voice call every month.
  2. Buy-One-Get-One double recharge offer to jio phone users

Jio has announced this offer to help the poor people of the country during this pandemic. If they don’t recharge their phone, they can connect to their closed ones.

buy one get one recharge ofefr

300 free minutes for outgoing voice call every month

Jio phone users are benefited from 300 minutes for outgoing voice calls which means 10 minutes per day. This announcement is for the poor people in the country but the long-term validity of this offer is not sure.

Buy-One-Get-One double recharge offer to jio phone users

The second and the most attractive offer is the Buy-one-get-one double recharge offer. what does this offer mean actually? suppose jio phone users decide to recharge their phone with Rs.121, then they will get an additional offer of Rs.121 without any further steps and can enjoy the offer more for more time.

This plan will add a monetary value to the jio phone users.


S.no Rs. Data validity voice call
1. 125 0.5GB/day 28days unlimited
2. 155 1GB/day 28days unlimited
3. 185 2GB/day 28days unlimited
4. 75 0.1GB/day 28days unlimited
5. 69 0.5GB/day 14days unlimited
6. 39 0.1GB/day 14days  unlimited

you can recharge your jiophone by clicking here


Know more about the jio data booster plan offer to enjoy the digital life during the pandemic. You can also check the latest jio new plan offer and news related to it.

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